Our Vision

Matt Skipp founded SW8 in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis to provide clients with an investment solution that can preserve and grow capital without exposing them to excessive risk. Matt is passionate about absolute returns and believes portfolios need to be actively managed to prosper in sideways or volatile markets.

SW8 is an actively managed fund focused on long/short equity trading strategies in Canada and the US. Our goal is to produce absolute monthly returns while limiting volatility and achieving downside protection. Global macro themes play an important role in determining what sectors we are long or short and the overall net exposure of the portfolio.

A commitment to ethics, risk management, top-tier operations and exceptional client service underscores everything we do.

The SW8 Name and Logo

Many investors are curious about the meaning of our name and logo. SW8 is a play on “sideways eight” or the infinity sign as you see in the logo. Matt was looking for a name...

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Canadian Investment Advisors

Our mutual goal is to provide our clients with superior investment management. SW8’s performance since inception, its low correlation to the market indexes and the focus on risk management and downside protection has resonated well with advisors...

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The SW8 Strategy

Active management is the main theme with a focus on risk management and downside protection. Long/short equity trading strategies are at the core of our strategy and global macro themes play an important role in determining what sectors we are long or short...

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The SW8 Funds are managed by East West Investment Management.  This site is only intended to provide you with information about the SW8 Funds and is neither an offer to sell nor a solicitation of an offer to purchase any security and may not be relied upon for investment purposes. Prospective investors should rely solely on the applicable Offering Memorandum which outlines investor eligibility and the risk factors in making a decision to invest.

No representations or warranties of any kind are intended or should be inferred with respect to the economic return or the tax consequences from an investment in the hedge funds managed by East West Investment Management. The SW8 Funds are intended for sophisticated investors who can accept the risks associated with such an investment including a substantial or complete loss of their investment.

All performance data contained on this site represents past performance. The SW8 Funds are not guaranteed and past performance may not be repeated. An investment in one of the SW8 Funds may be subject to commissions, trailing commissions, management fees and expenses. The posted rates of return are net of all fees and expenses and are the historical monthly compounded total returns of the share class indicated but do not take into account possible sales or redemption charges or income taxes payable. The Sharpe ratio is hypothetical and is calculated using monthly standard deviation and domestic 10 year treasury rates. Annualized returns are calculated using monthly compounded returns, net of all fees and expenses. Market returns are expressed as total returns assuming the reinvestment of dividends.  Market indexes are provided for information only and comparisons to indexes have limitations. The S&P/TSX Composite Index and S&P 500 Index are widely-known equity indexes of Canadian and US large-cap companies respectively. Investing in US and Canadian equities long and short is the primary strategy for SW8 but SW8 does not invest in all or necessarily any of the securities that compose the market indexes. Reference to the market indexes does not imply that East West Investment Management and the SW8 Funds will achieve returns similar to the indexes. Source of market index performance is Bloomberg L.P.

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The SW8 Strategy